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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Monday 15th April

It's been a while since we have updated the diary in any shape or form, to be honest it's been a while since we have been swimming.

The weather has been good these last few weeks and its prompted us to go and visit the big fish again.

Keith and I headed down to the beach about two weeks ago now, on a really beautiful spring day – the sun was shining but there was still a cool easterly breeze blowing, anyhow after a quick change we headed out into the water, Fungie was hanging around off the point with a tourist boat close by. We splashed about for a while and just as it looked like we wouldn’t get a look in with him, he came flying over to us, a quick charge past Keith and then over to me, I began spinning (as I do) and much to my surprise and delight Fungie started spinning with me, Fantastic! After about 5 maybe 6 spins around he was gone, back to the point, just as he had been.
It was great, like a quick hello, how ya doing? Where have you been? Then off for another fish or two.

This Sunday there were two friends from Canada visiting and I had said that we would go for a swim. It was another sunny day, and as it was their first time in wetsuits we had a good laugh getting kitted up. Fungie didn’t show much interest in us to be honest, and we ended up hanging about for a good while, just watching him. Then suddenly I saw what looked like another blow, I had to do a double take, was there another dolphin here? …….then I saw Fungie surface, quickly followed by another dolphin! Amazing! They were swimming about with each other, following a number of small boats that were out on the water, then they went charging off to sea, with Fungie leaping out of the water. When they turned to come back into the bay they had been joined by yet another dolphin! Here we were in the water with 3 Dolphins! It was truly an incredible sight, Fungie was hanging out with his own type, just as he should be. They were splashing about, following the boats and then just cruising around slowly with each other. After a little while they headed out to sea and we headed back to dry land. We may not have had any action from Fungie, but we got to see him in a way that you don’t get to see too often, Fungie, seemingly, playing with other dolphins. It was a sight that neither I nor my two friends Layah and Manuella will forget in a hurry.

Suzanne Murtagh

PS from Graham: we've also received reports that at least one 'extra' dolphin was seen with Fungie both on Saturday 13th and today Monday 15th. I got a lift out in an inflatable to check this out within an hour of this evening's report but could 'only' see one dolphin - however that was also good of course! What we are all wondering is, where is Dony? will he turn up again this year? could he have been one of the 'extra' dolphins over the weekend???
Date Posted: 15/04/2002
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