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Dusty Diary 20th August 2005

A quick note to tell you that Dusty was very visible around the cove
near Miltown Malbay last Saturday, 20th August, which was a beautiful
day. We were there for about 5 hours, and she was there almost all of
that time. There was 3 kayaks there and up to 20 swimmers, at times.
She paid a lot of attention to the kayaks, especially when they were
moving along, but also shared herself out amongst the swimmers. She
seems particularly interested when swimmers are getting in and out of
kayaks. On one occasion I was in the water, holding the kayak steady
for others, and I had a paddle in my hand, under the water. She nudged
it several times while I had it held under water.

There was another interesting event later in the day. Two non-swimmers
who ventured out to a rock, had become cut-off from the mainland by
the rising tide. We brought over our kayak to 'rescue' them. One of
them overbalanced the kayak (dumping us all into the water!), but we
managed to pull the person onto the nearby shore. No harm done, except
soaked clothes and injured pride. The interesting thing was that Dusty
stayed right alongside us during the entire manoeuvre.

Also, earlier on in the day, there were two kids out in a kayak. Dusty
paid them a lot of attention, and at one stage jumped right over them.


Eanna Sheehan
Date Posted: 20/09/2005
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