Charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Visiting the Dingle Dolphin

Dingle is in West Kerry in S.W. Ireland, 60km west of Tralee and Killarney. Partly as a result of the fame of the Dingle dolphin, the town is now a thriving tourist resort and there is no shortage of accommodation and facilities. Anybody will direct you to Sláidín beach, which is the best point of access to the dolphin’s territory. Approaching Dingle by car from the east, look out for a sign on the right for Ballintaggart hostel and camping site. Shortly after you pass the entrance to this, still one mile / 1.5km from Dingle town, take an unsignposted left turn on a right hand bend. Go down the rutted bohareen or track to the bottom where there is a small parking area. This spot can also be reached by walking out from town past the Skellig Hotel and along the shoreline (known as ‘the banks’; not navigable by bicycle). Continue along the shoreline towards a stone tower known as Hussey’s folly. This tower is on the site of a prehistoric fort which commands an excellent view of the harbour, the channel and the whole of the dolphin’s territory. On the south or seaward side you can descend to the remains of a concrete jetty and the small beach known as Sláidín, which is the only safe place to enter the water near here.

The currents in the channel narrows can be extremely strong and there is no point in swimming that way, as if the dolphin is there he is either with a boat or busy feeding. The dolphin is aware of every movement within his territory and will come over to you if and when he is ready. There is no need to bang stones or flap fins and boards on the surface of the sea. This is an animal which can detect and identify a fish at 100m and can differentiate between dozens of different human beings even when clad in identical wetsuits!

For boat trips out to the mouth of the harbour, head back to Dingle pier.
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Date Posted: 17/12/2001
Date Edited: 16/12/2003

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