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Saturday, 18th of May

My first swim with Dusty for three weeks and it is great to be back in the water with her. Each time I leave I say that I will be back soon, and each time I get in the water with her I want never to leave.

Jan is up here at the moment as well so the two of us went in this morning wearing our monofins. Dusty must have thought she had died and gone to heaven as she spins head over heels for those fused, fibre-glass, fake fluke-like yokes.

She was swimming near to the rocks as we were getting changed but then disappeared just before we got into the water. But within five minutes she was back and shooting past us, between us and beneath us at great speed. Jan had his waterwing as well and she paid extra attention to that.

At one stage she took the waterwing off Jan, and with it balanced on her melon, swam out to sea for about 40 metres. Jan chased after her but had little chance of catching up with her. Eventually she let it fall and swam back to Jan. It did look as though she was trying to lure Jan out further into deeper water, rather than take the waterwing away. Or maybe she just has a sense of humour.

Jan did spend as long in the water as usual today as he has been afflicted by a stomach bug (hence the silence on the diary for the last few days), but once he got out the swam really began for me.

Swimming with Dusty can rotate between quiet periods where we just lie next to each other or manic five minutes of chase and jumping. Today was no different, although, it seemed more intense. We lay there for ages with me just scratching and tickling her sides. She seems to particularly like being tickled under her pectoral fins and rolls over for both sides to be done. I also had a chance to look at her scars and scratches and there doesn't seem to be any new ones since the last swim.

Then the manic bursts of energy where was are both trying to outdo each other (a slightly unbalanced contest). Something new again today - she is rearing out of the water then coming down along my side. No collisions or pain, just perfectly timed to give me a nudge. I did it to her a couple of times as well hoping that she realised that it was reciprocal and not agressive.

So plenty of swimming, nudging, pushing and tickling and three hours later I managed to drag myself out of the water. Hopefully another swim this evening with more of the same.

Keith Buchanan
Date Posted: 18/05/2002
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