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Sunday, 19th May

It was really windy this morning after a wet night. Camping can be great but there are times when a nice warm, soft bed would be great. I thought the tent would take-off with me in it this morning but I am still alive to tell this tale.
By the time Jan and I managed to get down to the beach I was not feeling so great. Think it was the fact I hadnít eaten and had to put the tent away in a gale. So kitting up I almost talked myself out of swimming.

A German couple were already in the water but there was no sign of Dusty. By the time I was ready, Dusty was near the rocks, bobbing along in the waves that smashed against the rocks.

She was keen to get the frenetic motions of last night going again but I had no energy, couldnít even muster a little dart to the surface. Once again she took Janís waterwing on her head, although she headed into shore this time, leaving it close to the rocks before returning to Jan. Blew my theory about her trying to lure him into deeper water away, but then dolphins have a tendency to ignore all our theories.

The sea motion was getting to my already delicate sensitivities so I must have seemed very boring to her today, so I decided to get out rather than cloak her in my mellow mood. The others got out as well, complaining about feeling seasick so I didnít feel too bad.

It was a great couple of days swimming but I must head back down to Dingle today. Hopefully up again in a few weeks but in the meantime Jan will be keeping us up-to-date with the goings on in Fanore.

Keith Buchanan
Date Posted: 19/05/2002
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