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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Saturday, 1st June

We left Dungarvan after watching the first half of the Ireland game. My son Colin had invited his friend Keith to meet Mara so there was great excitement. We wondered what the visibility would be like, would there be a swell, will Mara come to meet us.

We arrived in Fanore at around 10.30. First we went to Janeville B&B to say hello to Maud and to ask permission to go through their land to get to Mara’s swimming area. We stayed with Maud on a number of occasions last year and found her hospitality wonderful.

Then it was down to meet Mara. We wondered if she would remember us. We had not been here since last October. We got our wetsuits on and the three of us got into the water. We could not believe how good the visibility was, probably 15 metres. and that we had the whole place to ourselves. We began swimming down from the slip towards the other cove she visits. As we swam, we saw numerous Spider Crabs, some Dogfish and some small Pollock. There were jellyfish everywhere. Then the Queen herself appeared to welcome us. She looked beautiful and moved through the water with grace. She came straight up to my face and we both smiled. It was lovely to meet again.

Colin and Keith wanted to go back over to the slipway because there was quite a strong swell in the sea. Mara did not mind where we went, she seemed delighted with the company. She stayed with us and would lie across our legs when we sat on the slip. She loved having underneath her melon rubbed and would turn over onto her back to encourage us to rub between her pectoral fins. Colin had a little net carrier bag with him which Mara was intent on having. I let her have it thinking that she would give it back. She first of all swam round with it in her mouth, then she dropped it onto her pectoral fin. She would not come near us while she had the bag. Then she swam in around some rocks and must have lost it.

We stayed in the water until 4.30pm and for all of that time we enjoyed her company. We said goodbye before we got out and she left as we did.

Paddy, Colin & Keith.

Date Posted: 05/06/2002
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