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Tuesday 9th July

Maedbh Frawley writes from Limerick:

On Tuesday 9th July, Michelle, Saoirse and I ventured up to Fanore to visit Dusty. Unsure of the weather, we drove through the usual rain but were delighted on our arrival that Fanore was dry and calm. Unfortunately, Michelle did not have a wetsuit but braved it all the same and we had a great swim for about an hour. The water temperature seemed colder than the previous week. Visibility wasn't too good either but that didn't upset us too much.
As usual, Dusty was over immediately to greet us, welcoming us in her usual way. At first, she was very mellow, enjoying the quiet. She seemed to be more and more obsessed with getting her belly rubbed, turning over the moment we touched her. Saoirse went duck diving and she raced to the surface with him, loving his childish playfulness. The highlight of our swim was when Dusty decided to put on a little performance for us. She began by jumping out of the water, spinning as she rose, then she gave us a series of loud splashes with her tail. She was a real exhibitionist and was really showing off to her audience and enjoying the attention given.

Finally when we were all too cold to move any more, we had to leave her, although she made it clear that she did not want us to go. Well, we didn't leave her alone for long as two English swimmers were getting ready to keep her occupied for another while.

Maedbh playing with Dusty in June 2002
Date Posted: 09/07/2002
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