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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Wed, 17th July

It is as if I have to re-orient myself all over here in Fanore, now that the sun is shining. The visibility is a lot better and her silver Ladyship is at her loveliest. She seems to take it as a double treat to entertain two mono-fin-waterwingers, traveling up and down between Liesbeth and me.

On Tuesday she spent quite a lot of time sonaring Liesbeth. They dived a lot together, which gave me the opportunity to watch like I cannot watch myself. In this energetic mode she usually starts out to follow, than harmonize by swimming along and finally sort of takes over on her own momentum.

There was quite a number of bad jelly-fish in the water and in a moment, that happened too fast to recollect precisely, Dusty swept up from underneath, I felt the tow of her wake and then saw this ugly mushroom wildly tumbling away from me. Also I saw her 'stand' vertically on her beak turning a complete pirouette.

Amazingly she took hardly any notice of both our waterwings (hand-made dolphin pectoral fins). Ute said she saw Dusty do a few rather timid gestures towards them, but nothing near the obtrusions of two weeks ago. Or might it be the difference in location, as this all happened in Pollenawatch, while the waterwing lab was in the second cove.

Yesterday I went in with my dorsal fin strapped on. At first she did not react very much, but later she started nuzzling and even pushing it so hard that she was pushing me for two, three seconds.

Jan Ploeg

Date Posted: 17/07/2002
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