Charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Tues 23rd July

Our Dingle-based Piscean friend Jean Bourke went up to Derreen last weekend to renew her connection with Dusty or Mara and told us about how she had been moved by her experiences there.

I was pondering on the gift of wisdom Mara portrays by her unconditional love and the grace with which she moves in her natural domain.Yesterday was remarkable! We swam with Mara for over an hour in the morning and I was once again struck by the grace and peacefulness she exudes in the deep silence of her watery underworld.Time seems to shift to a deeper, slower rhythm and a sense of perfect harmony and deep inner calm prevails. I had a beautiful connection and felt as if somehow her sense of flow and harmony was being filtered through to me. It was different from my previous experience in a way that seemed less ecstatic, yet filled with peace and joy. I left feeling filled and most grateful for her loving presence. I have such a strong sense of that place of inner calm once again and am hoping to remember and return to this state in life’s more challenging moments. I feel it helps to be able to associate that feeling with such a strong memory of beauty flowing effortlessly through me.What a blessing to be bestowed upon me, long may the image remain within my heart and mind!
Date Posted: 23/07/2002
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