Charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Sun, 4th August

Colin and I went to see Dusty at the weekend. It was very busy there, with so many new attractions for her. Janesville House was booked when I rang Maud on Saturday morning, so we stayed at the campsite. We went to Dereen at 8.30 on Sunday morning 4th August to find that there was already six or seven people in the water and more arriving. Dusty was there enjoying all the attention. The visibility under water was 10 to 15 mtrs., but there were thousands of Jellyfish around. We swam with her for a while and then she would leave. I wondered where she was going to.I got of the water and I walked to the sandy cove at Poul na Baid. There I found Ute, the German lady who swims with Dusty every day. Dusty was keeping everyone happy by dividing her time between the two coves.

Later in the day she had visits from speedboats and jet skis which she would swim with and it was wonderful to watch how gracefully she would glide through the water reaching speeds of around twenty five or thirty miles an hour. She was well able to keep up with the boats surfacing about every ten seconds for air. By this time of the day there was a couple of hundred people around. It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the mid. twenties. Most of the people were standing on the rocks watching her perform. Some people stayed in the water in the hope that she would return to be in their company. However the speed of the boats presented a challenge that she could not resist. Later in the evening when the boats had all gone she returned to the middle cove. A man who I took to be Jan Ploeg (from his entries in the Dusty diary on was swimming with his water wings (hand made dolphin pectoral fins).He moved the waterwing and the single fin on his feet in complete coordination. Dusty was intrigued and swam along side getting really worked up. Then she would speed off expecting Jan to keep up with her. They played this way for some time with Dusty taking time out to pay attention to her other visitors. She really had an action packed day and must have slept well on Sunday night.

Paddy Power
Date Posted: 04/08/2002
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