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29th June 2003

Jason Kenny and friend

28/29th June 2000

I was diving with Dusty at the weekend and I brought a female friend of mine. There was only two of us in the water and we had her all to ourselves. What I did find quite interesting was that Dusty spent most of her time checking Audrey out and nudging her in what I saw as a normal way. The one thing I did notice that was different about her (Dusty) was that she kept going between Audrey's legs, most often from behind. I have been with Dusty on about 10 or more dives and that's the first time I saw that. She kept lifting Audrey up and would stay between Audrey's legs doing so, obviously Audrey was a little spooked and embarrassed by it as you can imagine. None the less it was a great dive over all and Dusty was as playful with me as she always was. On the way back in she followed us as per norm and kept buzzing by us and on occasions I'd stop just to rub her and say goodbye, but she just disappeared out of the blue and we saw no sign of her while de-kitting or exiting the water, I thought that to be a little strange again as previously she always came to the shore line and hung around even if it was for a short period?

See Jasonís dive club website for more pics of Dusty in the Gallery:
Date Posted: 29/06/2003
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