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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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31st of May, 2003

Paddy and Colin Power

Colin and I went to Dereen on Saturday 31st May.When we arrive,there were a lot of people on the road looking down.People were agitated.I enquired what was happening.There were two ribbed boats in the water.One of them,a red one,had some people on it and they seemed to be just watching.The other one,a white rib,had just one man on it and he seemed to be going round in circles after Dusty.One of the men on the road,told me he was hunting Dusty and upsetting her.
There were other people there,who also knew about the man in the white rib boat.They were upset with the way Dusty was been treated.Maud told me that she loves to see people coming to see Dusty and they have no objection to people swimming with her provided they have respect for her.
We put on our wet suits and went down to the water.Both boats were gone when we got down.We were only in the water a few minutes when the Queen appeared in all her glory.She was very relaxed and did not seem in any way upset.We swam around with her for a while.Then a man arrived with an underwater video camera.The vis.ranged from 5 to 10 metres.She really wanted to be on TV.She followed him around with her nose right up close to the camera for quiet a while.
Next a French visitor came in to swim with her.He was a very good swimmer and Dusty loved to play with him.She did all sorts of tricks for him.It was just an amazing experience for those watching,especially for anybody lucky enough to be in the water.She jumped so high.To be in water with such good vis.and to watch her swim at very high speed and then leap into the air.It was a real treat.We took a lot of photos.Hope we can send some soon.
On Sunday morning,I was in the water on my own with Dusty shortly after 8 am.The vis.was still very good.She was completly relaxed and I would dive down and swim alongside her.She would rub her body against mine and nudge me very gently with her melon.When I would come to the surface,she would stop alongside me with her head along side mine.We were both motionless in the water.She would then put her melon against my shoulder and I would rub underneath it.She always loves this sort of attention,especially in a one to one situation.She would turn onto her back to encourage me to keep rubbing her.I went back to Maud for a beautiful breakfast at 9.15 am.
Colin went into the water after breakfast with another couple who had been there on Saturday night.She arrived and when I saw her I felt I must go in for another swim before we leave.When I came down to the water ,there was a boat after arriving about 200 metres out and she seemed to have gone out to visit them.She came back in after about 30 minutes.By this time there was quiet a swell after building up as the wind had changed.A man was swimming close by me with a ball.Dusty showed no interest in the ball.He was wondering how he could get her to play.He took off his swim shorts and started to wave it in the water.Next she arrived over to me with his shorts on her pectoral fin.She teased him with it.She would drop it about five metres away from him.Then he would swim to get it.As he got close,she would turn around and swim at high speed and take it on her melon.I could almost hear her laughing each time she did it.The gentleman himself was highly amused as was I.Finally she came back with shorts missing,but he did not mind.It was a great mornings fun.We said our goodbyes.
Date Posted: 31/05/2003
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